Shakuhachi boots, Sugarpaper print, Argos desk lamp, Urban Outfitters skull and vanity tray, Mac laptop, Moroccan Bazaar pouf 

Since I've moved back home (for at least a year), I've been cleaning out and re-decorating my room. 
I'm trying really hard to introduce some bright colours and patterns but I simply can't resist the perfect minimalist look of black and white 
(or silver in this case!)

I've also been contemplating starting a new things-i'm-lusting-over tag on my blog: weekly wants. 
This post will be the first of many. 

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annacbie said...

just found your blog and love your aesthetic! and hey i actually just started a new blog. i'd love if you could come check it out and follow, if you like!!


ps: if you do follow, let me know by commenting and leaving your url on my most recent post. then i'll skip right over to follow you back :]