YOUTH DOIN THANGS is a digital archive of young and creative individuals using the internet as their base. Launched in 2012, the blog has since become an outlet of sorts for it's creator:
"In early 2012, I left business school to pursue more creative interests in film and photography. At the time I didn't have many people to turn to for advice or encouragement. Google wasn't providing much insight into any of the creative industries either besides the usual, repetitive drivel. Quentin Tarantino likes to make violent films. For no particular reason. I get it. Bored and frustrated, all I wanted was to hear about people I could actually relate to, people who were young enough to be my friends but were way too cool and/or busy. Busy because they were running a blog, making music, creating a brand or spending their time illustrating for some obscure e-zine that's only available every full moon. YOUTH DOIN THANGS was born out of the need to find these people, talk to them, learn from them, and be inspired."

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