Daniel Alexander, called Snack by his college professor and by fans on the internet, is a multi-talented student, musician, poet, writer, and all-round funny guy. The Texas native spent this past summer writing his first book entitled RADDDDD. A collection of poems and short stories, the illustrated book is full of theories on where exactly water comes from, musings about the ghosts of animals, a declaration of love for fruit punch, and a laugh-out-loud piece on Denzel Washington. Written in a style reminiscent of rapper Lil B's tweets and tumblr posts made by angsty teens wondering why no one has asked them to prom yet, RADDDDD is entirely unique and the perfect pick-me-up for anyone having a bad day. Or a good day. Just check it out.

Busy as he is, writing poetry for his blog and thinking about babes, Daniel was happy to take some time out and answer the questions I had for him. 

If the internet didn't exist, do you think your life would be different?

Yeah totally. Most of my success has been from the internet. Most of my time is spent on the internet. I think everyones lives would be different one way or another at this point of time we are living in. We are so dependent on it. I don't even want to think about a life without internet. I probably wouldn't know what to do to succeed since all of my knowledge is built around it.

You're into making videos and music, you write poetry and you wrote your first book over the summer, what advice would you give to someone who is afraid to follow their passions?

Yes, I do a lot of different things. once I have my mind set on something I finish it. I've been wanting to write a book for a while now but never really drove myself to do it. At the start of this summer I got a fortune cookie that said 'you have a charming way with words and should write a book.'. That night I went home and without even thinking about it posted on all social networks that I was going to start writing a book which should be out around  Christmas time. I had no idea where to start. But I pushed myself because I made a promise to myself and others that this project was going to be completed and now it is.
I don't ever want to be working somewhere I hate. So I just don't allow myself to do that. If you are doing something you hate stop doing it. Go do what you want with your life. Don't do it for the money just do it because it makes you happy. Everyone is interesting. Do what you want while have confidence in doing it and people will connect you no matter what.

What impact do you hope your work has on people? 

All of my work are just things I do for fun. I do it to make people laugh. I do it to make people have an even better day then they are having. spreading positivity / confidence. I'm just having a lot of fun in life doing what I am doing and people seem to like it, so why stop? I love it. 

What drives you? 

People. Meeting people, interacting with people, knowing that people care is what drives me. I couldn't do any of this without the help / support of all my friends. I love this world and time we are living in right now. It is gr9, I can't believe how happy I am in my life right now.

If we came to visit you in Texas, where would you take us? 

 Come in october we can go to the state fair. We can eat fried butter, fried beer, fried bacon and get heart attacks. then go eat a 72oz steak near the pan handle. There is a road stop on the way down to austin that has a pretty lake behind it. I skip rocks in it a lot. The top of the barnes and noble in downtown fort worth is a nice place to sit at night. We can eat german pancakes in the morning at this breakfast place I forgot the name of but it is good.

Words to live by? 


You can check out Daniel's site here

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