Talented, beautiful, and just married, Nicola was one of the creative individuals who I was very excited to get in contact with. I first stumbled across her etsy concrete & honey two years ago and I fell in love with everything she was creating. Later, I discovered her blog, and I quickly became obsessed her wonderful photography showcasing recently bought blooms carried home by her husband, freshly made cakes, and a home that she has so delicately furnished. Blogging about her daily life in Australia, what she did over the weekend, upcoming birthdays… It all makes for a very relaxing, very inspiring, and slightly jealous-inducing read! 

Before you rush off to check out the lovely Nicola's blog and etsy, read my interview with her below!

Hi Nicola, can you tell us a little about yourself, and how you got into creating? 

I live in near the beach in the South of Sydney. Mr and I bought a beautiful little old house and love living amongst the trees, not far from the water. When we first met we lived in a tiny studio in Surry Hills and when we moved the a bigger place, the second bedroom became my crafting room. We bought a cheap sewing machine from Australia Post and Mr surprised me and threaded the machine (something he remembered from school) and then I was on my own. I think my passion for colour and the delight of quirky surprises in interiors really fuelled my need to create. I also love the quiet solitude of creating and getting in the zone and playing with colour combinations.There is so much satisfaction in making something tangible. That's why I love baking cakes too (as well as the obvious reward that's in the eating of them). I tend not to like purely practical things. I like beautiful things first and am especially drawn to things for my home that are both - even better if its designed with a bit of wit or cheek about it.

What's the best thing about living in Australia?

The sunshine, the water, the food and the love and pride we Aussies have for them all.

Describe your typical weekday routine. 

I wake early (it's a struggle everyday) and Mr and I drive to the city in our suits to work our office jobs. I start the day with a large skim latte and thick toast with extra jam. I look at a computer all day. Sometimes I do yoga at lunch time. We drive home in the dark and make dinner together over a glass of wine. I take my cup of tea into the study and play with papers and fill orders or I sit on the lounge with my laptop and upload a new post for Concrete & Honey or sit with needle and thread and stitch the puffy hearts I've been making to sell in my Etsy store. 

I adore your beautiful card garlands, and they're so popular! What inspired you to start making them? 

I think I thought of making large size paper bunting and there was a sale in the art shop on the little triangle punches so I bought a couple. When I started punching they came to life. I had bought some blank cards and was waiting for a moment like this to hit!

What advice would you give someone pursuing creative goals? 

Gosh, I don't think I'm qualified to give advice! But if someone has creative goals, they must feel a need to create, so just start with something small, making a start will make you feel happy because you'll be on on the path to where you want to go and your work will evolve along the way. You need to start the journey to get on that journey is what I am trying to say.

What are your plans for the future regarding your etsy shop/crafts? 

I am going to make a few more felt garlands and dot artworks big and small and start hand painting beautiful words on paper.  The series will be called 'beautiful things my husband says to me.' I have been married for 3 weeks so we are still in the honeymoon phase and he such beautiful things that I think to myself, 'I HAVE to remember that', so that is the way I intend to record it.  Also, since our wedding we have started a new project called Mr & Me which is all about the handmade, which we are excited about too.

And finally, what makes you happy?

Good coffee, flowers, feeling inspired, beautiful books, delicious food, my new husband. The usual. 

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