Upon discovering Patricia Chang's intricately detailed and decorated masterpieces, I instantly fell in love. Poetically patterned and passionately created, the delicate textiles and hand painted petals which adorn the New York based designer’s first collection are truly beautiful. Her following collection for SS13 was the perfect blend of quirky and youthful yet sophisticated; mostly made up of artfully cut shift dresses with sharp collars and peplums in an array of pastel shades, many of the pieces were also decorated with the cutest jewelled robots ever. It was after working at Marchesa and doing some freelancing that Patricia decided to create her own namesake label, quickly gaining support from an array of fashion bloggers including Nicole of Gary Pepper Vintage and Peony Lim. I spoke to the designer about her signature whimsical aesthetic and plans for the future, check it out below and then be prepared to wait impatiently for her next collection! 
Describe a typical day in the life of you? 

A typical day is working from wake to sleep, often running to the garment district in between, and keeping my work space tidy. I try to find a moment or two for myself where I enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

If we came to visit you in New York, where would you take us?

To eat!! NY has the most amazing food. Then to dessert at Chikalicious. If it is during the warmer weather, we'd go on a lovely picnic in Central Park.

What's your studio like?

My studio is extremely small and cozy, but I am thankful to have a space that accommodates all my work.

You've mentioned before that you've been interested in fashion from a young age, you were even voted best dressed in your high school year book! Can you describe your own individual style in 3 words? 

Quirky Comfortable with a dash of Sparkle 

Who do you like to wear personally?

If I had my way, I could happily survive off a closet full of Givenchy and Mary Katrantzou. For basic pieces, I shop at Zara. In recent days, as my line grows, I have been wearing more Patricia Chang.

You've worked for fashion house Marchesa and others including Alice&Olivia, Elizabeth and James, and Naeem Khan. What advice would you offer someone looking to get a foot in the fashion industry?

Definitely pursue an internship at a company you want to learn from. Once there, work hard to make yourself indispensable. I've learned if you are not passionate about the company you work for, it will reflect in your work.

Your debut collection was inspired by nature and how it contrasts with modernity, your S/S 2013 collection heavily featured motifs of robots and feminine charm. What can we expect from your next collection? 

I always want a magical feel to my collections. This time, I looked to Goldie Locks and the Three Bears for inspiration.

Who would be the ultimate model for your designs? 

The motivation behind starting my line is based on a fantasy of seeing my friends and everyday girls/women on the street wearing my designs and feeling great in it!

When you aren't busy creating, what are you doing?

I love spending time with my husband and family, including cuddling my two cats. I enjoy things you can only share with girlfriends - such as tea parties, traveling the world, and outdoor activities.

What haven't you done, professionally and personally, that you would like to do this year?

Professionally, I am launching an online shop on our website.
Personally, I plan on checking off "driving on a closed course" and "sand boarding" from the bucket list.

And finally, words to live by?

Embrace yourself for being uniquely you! And don't let yourself be intimidated. Set goals and keep trying until you achieve them. Create reasons to be happy.

See Patricia's site here and follow her on twitter! 

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