Like most (relatively normal) 16 year olds, Ryan Dela Cruz doesn't really like waking up for class and he's excited for Chief Keef's new album dropping. Unlike most 16 year olds, Ryan is a music producer. When not doing his homework, the Canadian native can be found making music for an ever-growing internet audience, and running Void Youth "a collective/wannabe label of sorts". Inspired by the Final Fantasy X soundtrack, Ryan began to create synthy, ambient tracks under the name Hollow Pigeons, and it all took off from there. His tunes are the special type that immerse and transport, taking you from your dingy bedroom to a fireworks display in Osaka and then leaving you in the arms of pretty girl Kiko Mizuhara. If you haven't heard his stuff yet, you need to get on it. 

Everything happens online these days: news is spread, music is discovered, friendships are made - if the internet didn't exist, do you think your life would be any different? 

Definitely. This whole music thing would've obviously never been possible without it, which includes all the great relationships I've made along the way. Not even that, but the amount of influence the internet has had, in terms of being able to discover all kinds of new music and other sorts of media from around the world has more than shaped not only the music I make, but myself as a person. It's just so easy to get lost within it all, losing touch with reality which I'm sure everyone is all too familiar with. All in all, the good far outweighs the bad and I'm forever thankful for all of the distractions that come with all of the internets.

Tell us about your processes when piecing together new material…

It's honestly different every time, but I guess everything starts with some sort of sudden, unexpected source of inspiration. I mean my first EP was pretty much based entirely on some girl half a decade older than me who is more likely than not unaware of my very existence, but that's besides the point. I usually find myself sitting at the piano after that sudden spark of inspiration miraculously pervades me and I basically just fuck around till I come up with a halfway decent chord progression. From there I usually do a bit of sound design with soft synths on the computer and add any percussion/samples as I see fits.

What impact do you hope your music has upon people?

This is actually something I've been struggling with quite a bit lately; an ongoing identity crisis that seems to be preventing me from creating as much as I used to or would like to. I definitely want people to be able to connect to my music on an emotional level but also be able to turn up to at a club setting or what have you. I saw The xx last month and they seemed to have perfect that: bringing the audience to tears one minute while raving the next.

Who are your top five up-and-coming producers/artists to keep an eye on? 

The whole entire Void Youth fam: YouTube sensation, Ruddyp, and the Japanese homie, Taquwami aka Taqu Waku Flame. Also can't forget about the whole entire Void Youth extended fam: Yume and Carling Ruse. Be on the look out for all of them in 2013 (if we make it out of 2012). Also, Chief Keef. More excited for his album to drop more than anything right now to be honest.

What makes you happy?
I think I'm still trying to figure that out myself. I know what's at the top of the 'What makes you unhappy?' list and that's school!

And finally, what are you currently working on? 

I just finished scoring a short film directed by Matthew Tammaro & Sam Catalfamo, in partnership with Handsome Clothing, entitled 'Creatures of the Cataract'. Go ahead and grab a glass of water or tea or whatever your drink of choice may be and watch that if you have five minutes to spare. There may or may not be a Void Youth compilation that may or may not be released physically sometime this year. Also, big plans to revamp a music blog that I co-run with a good friend in Indonesia, which again is a testament to how cool the internet is. A lot more is going on behind the scenes which I can't exactly disclose right now, but best believe I'm out here staying positive on a daily basis.

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