Kawaii (かわいい) is the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture. The noun is kawaisa (可愛さ), literally, "lovability", "cuteness" or "adorableness". Grossly overused by fat weebos in their futile attempts to woo their school's female Japanese exchange student(s).

Viewing Daniel Guerrero Fernandez's work is similar to taking a trip into a fantasy world full of fluro rainbows, sweet pastel backdrops and pixel-tastic kawaii characters. Since he began drawing, the 25 year old graphic artist from San Jose, Costa Rica has decorated the dashboard of many tumblr users with his fantastical artwork, and has also delved into the world of printing - yes, you can wear his work. I can't wait to see what Daniel creates next (hopefully the rollercoaster he describes below...!).

Describe yourself in three words… 

I don't know.

When did you start drawing? 

When I was a little kid.

Who or what influences your style?

A lot of different things from when I was growing up and also new things. Buying new gel pens like a month ago was nice, new colors and stuff. Also my best friends influence me, some video games and how they look, cute things, technology, fashion and too many things I see online everyday. 

What’s your favourite piece of art that you’ve created?

I like the drawings I post online, I think I don't really have a favorite. 
I like this one though.

If the internet didn't exist, do you think your life would be different?

Yes it would be very different, probably way more boring.

Your work really reminds me of the old video games I used to play on my nintendo. What's your favourite video game? 

Hm I really like how some video games look and the music from them, Katamari Forever and Shadow of the Colossus ... I think my favorite one to play is The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time though and Pokemon, but mainly because how it looks too. I also really like how some video game characters look, like Sonic and Knuckles, or Final Fantasy Characters and the weapons they use, and slimes from Dragon Quest because they're cute.

Disney has opened a new theme park, the star attraction being a ride in homage to you and your work. What would the ride be called and what thrilling things would happen during the experience? 

A fast tall roller coaster with the biggest drop and neon lights so it looks really pastel and nice during daytime and really colorful and bright when it's dark, like this and this together but faster and taller. 

And finally, what are your hopes for the future? 

Make lots of money and move to San Francisco, or somewhere really nice with my bf.

Check out his website here.

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