Currently based in Amsterdam, Ebony Hoorn is a busy girl. Between studying for her masters, blogging/shooting for I Love Fake magazine and "running like a wolf through the night", it's amazing that she has any time for the thing that sparked my interest in her - photography. Unlike the typical Vogue-esque shots you often see plastered in magazines, the 21-year old's fashion photographs feel raw and moody, and this allows them to stand out in a sea of uninspiring images. Ebony is currently working on a series of very amusing self-portraits in video form (A can of coke and The Spice Girls, anyone?).
I honestly can't wait to see what she does next. 

When and how did your interest in photography begin?

I can't exactly remember when my interest started but moving images always got my attention. I started to play around with a camera around the age of 13, and I'm still doing that now. Most important thing for myself is that I have fun with the things that I'm doing.

Are you inspired by any particular films? Art? Literature?

Every new day is inspiring, it's always different. But at the moment I'm really inspired by music and atmosphere or my surrounding. I find it great if you can create a kind of sense or atmosphere in your work that will take the viewers totally into it. Also, I get a lot of inspiration out of movies, I really like french films from the 50/60's , films from Jean-Luc Godard and Robert Bresson, etc. And books and poetry are always around me, currently I'm reading a lot from Charles Bukowski and the whole beat generation. 

What about other photographers? 

I learned a lot from Jolijn Snijders, grateful for that. Ryan Mcginley is a big favourite. But I think I'm more inspired by filmmakers. I love the work from Harmony Korine and Gaspar Noé. And Helmut Newton is a big favourite of mine. But we live in a time where everything is so near us because of the internet, I think this also really influences a lot of my work.

What advice would you give to someone pursuing a creative goal like, photography? 

The only thing I can say is do what is true to you. We live in a silly world with beautiful, mad, crazy people but make the best of it and follow your heart, don't ever let anybody tell you that you can't do it. Don't spend your life asleep… wake up and DO! 
We ain't got nothing but time. 

If you could photograph anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? 

That's a difficult question. It would be my great longing, Kérou.

Any future plans?

My future plans... first, experiment loads at the academy and finish it off and of course, next to that, have fun. After that we will see where it ends/goes. Recently I'm working on a lot of portfolio stuff. It's been a while since I shot some stories and that's a pity. Also I'm starting with shooting videos but you will see that appear on my site. Next to that I'm also working on a series of self portraits. The portraits are about me in front of somebody or something, doing stuff. For example: Me eating a apple in front of Steve Jobs while playing the Windows opening tune. You can find these at http://myvideotrauma.tumblr.com/

And finally, it's nearly Christmas so... what are you asking for?

Oh oh oh, Christmas knocking at my door. I haven't been thinking on what to ask for Christmas. But I desperately want a Midi-Keyboard to fool around with some sound. Or a lil' baby wolf but that's not gonna happen.

You can check out Ebony's other tumblr here
Have faith in Santa and the magic of Christmas. 


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Discover my Stylish Confessions!

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