Dominique Nghiem blogs, vlogs, looks like the ultimate poster girl for grungey 
brand UNIF, and comes complete with the most amazing purple hair and a whole lotta good karma on The 18 year old hailing from California is making her presence known on the internet, garnering (deserved) attention for her self-described
 "eclectric style" that is - admittedly - more suited to a punk rock festival than the beaches of the west coast. However, underneath all the studs and platform shoes named "Hellbound", there is a very sweet girl who was happy to talk to me about her blogging career, her eye-opening trip to Japan and deep love for Korean BBQ.

 Why and when did you begin your blog?

Well I got a camera when I was round 15/16 years old, I can't fully remember what exact age I was, I just remember it was sophomore year during the Spring when I was still in high school! I was really into style and fashion and I just decided to go out and document my outfits! Style2bones was originally named Devilishlystylish (after my dark, gothic, punk, and grunge aesthetic -- most of the time) but a lot of people kept discrediting my photos because they could never spell it right! Hahah I have to admit that I messed up the spelling too, so I changed it to Style2bones while I was eating Korean BBQ and gnawing on some bones. Starting and continuing my style blog was truly out of whim, out of boredom... I never expected any one would read or love it like they do now!

What is your first real fashion memory? 

It might be surprising... well maybe not because I believe that the majority of people in middle school were lost and confused and that middle school years were just plain awkward and horrible... that I wasn't into fashion and style at all until 8th grade! I actually wore all black and baggy clothes from 8-11 years of age -- mostly because at the time I hated who I was and didn't accept myself and love myself as I do now! So my first real fashion memory, the events that all happened to set the stage for my love with fashion, style, and clothes up until now was during the summer of 7th grade when my parents took me to Japan and Korea! In Japan, I fell in LOVE with fashion, I LOVED all the confidence, I LOVED all the varieties of the styles in the streets, I LOVED how these girls and guys didn't give one fuck about what people thought about them and wore what ever the hell they wanted. And that confidence was something that I wanted to have in myself, the loud expressive style in Japan definitely has a huge impact to my style to this day. 

How would you describe your own style?

Eclectic. Post-internet. Grunge. Punk. My style really just branches out to anything really it's hard to define haha 

Your favourite places to hang out in California?
I loveee a lot different places for different reasons. For eating, I love pigging out in K-town--Kbbq jumpin' and boba sippin'. For shopping, I love melrose... endless shops full of cute clothes... some that you can even bargain at! For a beach day, definitely the beach in my home town - Huntington Beach! Or when I want to escape, I have a secret hideaway next to the wetlands with a tire swing and tree house -- but shh, it's a secret and the location is only for me and my special friends to know haha  

Your favourite pieces in your wardrobe? 

I get attached to a lot of my clothes, especially when I wear them out to very important events -- or maybe just to a concert or the perfect hang out day with my best friends. But my essential must haves has to be my UNIF Hellbounds! It's my everyday shoe! 

Where would ultimately like to end up?  

I have so many passions and interests!! But ultimately, whatever I choose to do with my life -- maybe (hopefully! everything I love...blogging, psychology, business, beauty, music producing, etc...) I want to end up happy, surrounded by people I love, as well as having a positive impact on everyone that I come across, whether it be clients or people who like to read my blogs and watch my vlogs!

And finally, what makes you happy? 

I'm generally a really happy person, a huge aspect of my character is my bubbliness! So I derive happiness from almost everything -- I think what always makes me happy is my cat (when she's nice and cuddly), a smile on someone's face, babies, shopping, making someone laugh... Hmm JUST LIVING MAKES ME HAPPY! 

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Gorgeous photos and such a brilliant interview. I love what she said about discovering fashion as a child. xx

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I was just on her blog a few minutes ago. She is pretty amazing.

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Gorgeous photos, simply amazing. Impressive blog!
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