One day Olivia Locher received a package in the mail from a complete stranger, inside was a camera and with it, her adventure in photography began. Taking a small spoonful of Tim Walker dreaminess and injecting a bucket-load of her own signature style, delicate intimacies are revealed within her images or sometimes left hidden underneath pigments and paints. This mixing of mediums could end up rather messy but 21-year old Olivia manages to find that harmonious balance between the two and the end result is fresh and stunning. 

How did you get started in photography? 

My older brother is an artist so as a young girl I was always around creativity. From an early age I had interests and desires to make work of my own. I got serious with the craft of photography sometime in late 2007 after receiving a Fed Ex delivery containing a Nikkormat ft2 and several lenses, sent from a stranger who was a follower of my blog-life. I have been taking photographs since.

Digital or analogue? 

Both, it depends on the project.

Can you tell us a little about your current influences and inspirations?

My practice of Transcendental Meditation is very inspiring to my life and creative process. As far as influences, I've found myself interested in artist who work predominantly with photography but also mix other mediums into their works. A few of the photographers that I really enjoy are, John Baldessari, Lucas Samaras, and David Benjamin Sherry.

What makes someone beautiful to you? 

I personally find everyone I encounter to be beautiful. We should never think negatively of anyone. Whenever I find someone to be spectacularly beautiful the case generally is that they are leading a happy life.

What's the conceptual process behind a series like 'An Extra Thing To Dust'?

All of my work starts with an idea, it can be a very small idea or a very big idea, but everything starts with ideas. In the case of 'An Extra Thing to Dust' I wanted to blur the line of what's done in camera vs with the hand, and I also wanted to play around with Holi as a prop. I found a few interested girls, marched them into the woods, we got messy, made pictures, and most importantly had fun. Later I had my brother Brandon paint on top of the images using the original Holi pigments from the shoot mixed with white acrylic paint.

When there isn't a camera in your hand, what are you doing? 

Thinking, I also tend to watch a lot of movies.

If we came to visit you in New York, where would you take us?

I have to admit I'm a pretty major homebody. I'd probably invite you to my studio and if you like coffee I'd take you to this great coffee spot 'Mud' in my neighborhood.

What are your career highlights so far? 

In May I will graduate from Art School.

What are your hopes for 2013? 

To not have a midlife crisis.

And finally, words to live by? 

Make something with your friends.

Check out Olivia's website and tumblr

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