GIRL POWER! ft. Denise Lai

Right now Southeast Asia is at the forefront of all that is cool, and Denise Lai, a graphic designer and the writer behind SUPERWOWOMG, is definitely one cool girl. She also gets extra cool points for being the owner of the super cute frenchie -  Sumo. Born in Singapore and raised in Hong Kong, Denise's tongue-in-cheek lifestyle blog and vibrant photos has her readers daydreaming about exploring the streets Hong Kong and even contemplating about dying their own hair electric purple. It's no surprise that she's one of Hong Kong's most influential bloggers!

What does the word feminism mean to you? 

Doing shit for yourself and not for anyone else.

What woman, besides your mom or grandmother, do you find inspirational?

I greatly look up to any female entrepreneurs who are working for themselves and who have built there small or big business from the ground up, someone like Lanie from cult women's street wear brand Hellz Bellz. I love that she reps women so hard and is not scared to fight in the street wear world which is predominantly filled with menswear brands. 

Any advice for girls aspiring to work in a role like yours? 

Don't rely on anyone to do anything for you, it's more satisfying when you manage to succeed on your own but always be thankful for any support you get.

Check out Denise's blog SUPERWOWOMG

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