GIRL POWER! ft. Meagan Fredette

It can be hard to keep readers interested, especially when it comes to heavy subjects such as white female models wearing Native American "couture" but Meagan Fredette of Latter Style manages to keep everyone engaged with her clever and witty writing. Whilst discussing her thoughts on cultural appropriation in fashion and music, the Chicago-based blogger also shares outfit posts showcasing some timeless vintage pieces from her wardrobe. Writing from a modern feminist's perspective, Meagan has contributed to Rookie and Portable.TV to name but a few. You can't deny that she's the type of girl you want to be best friends with. 

What is the most important life lesson you've learnt so far?

I live by this idea of borrowed hope. When you feel most most hopeless, borrow hope from the future and use it to power you through the moment in which you feel like is the end. It's never the end. You can always find hope somewhere.

What are your thoughts on femininity and feminism? Is it okay to be 'feminine' and a feminist? 

Femininity is presented in our world as lesser than, as a joke, as a less intellectual way of viewing the world. I think one of the goals of feminism should be to change attitudes about femininity so it is seen as a form of gender expression that is as valid as masculinity.

What does femininity mean to you? 

As a straight cisgender lady, I have the privilege of being able to be feminine and not have it be inexorably tied to my sexuality or gender identity. That said, I view femininity in terms of romanticism - I love those old representations of women pining away for their loves, or being head over heels in love, or sacrificing all for the sake of love. I'm aware that this form of romanticism treats women like lovelorn objects, but I think it is okay to be inspired by the romanticism and still be critical.

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