In mid-March I began an internship with the production company Somesuch&Co based in East London. It meant waking up at 6am every morning and not getting home until after 10pm sometimes but it was definitely worth the pain of commuting. The company's directors and long list of clients is something to marvel at. With that said, on my first day I nearly walked out after I was shown my desk (right infront of the door!), and I had to try hard not to start crying when they asked me to answer the phone. Such is the life of someone with the worst anxiety EVER. During my second week there, I started to get a feel of the place and I no longer felt like throwing up when someone asked for a cup of tea. It was actually during this time that I found out I wasn't able to transfer to another university like I had been hoping... work kept me busy enough so I didn't really have much time to be depressed about it. I'm now deciding whether I want to stay at university at all. More on that later.
It wasn't until my third week that I began to really get involved; I was asked to do image research for various directors and producers, I was a runner on set for a music video promo, and I got the opportunity to make a short film for the company's 'Intern Duties' series. With only two days to pull it together, I turned to the internet for help and ended up getting in contact with super cute model Ellie Fox who didn't once complain about having to wander about in typhoon-like weather or my lack of directions... something I desperately need to work on. The film, though still really amateur, is probably the first film that I haven't wanted to delete straight away and forget about. I need to keep reminding myself that it took me nearly four years to find my own "style" in photography and to be proud of the work I produced. I've only been trying my hand at film for less than a year so obviously it will take time to develop any talents I may have.


I'm now back at uni until early May, and then I'm off to San Francisco in July. 
Who knows what will happen in the meantime! 

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